Importing/Exporting the same document, Insightly is not recognizing fields and custom fields when imported

I exported opportunities from Insightly. I tried to re-import the opportunities document back into Insightly, however certain columns are not being recognized when trying to import them back in. There seems to be trouble importing with the following fields: Opportunity Created, Date of Last Activity, Date of Next Activity. I even created new custom fields to prevent this and when imported they are not showing up in the Opportunity. 



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  • I do not believe it is possible to update those system fields via an import. The creation date would obviously be set as the import date. Haven't tested to check the activity dates. But using custom fields should work though. One of the annoying things about the import function is the total lack of feedback so you have no way of knowing why something did not import. Typical issues are that there is a mandatory field that you are not providing or a type mismatch. Neither of these will show nay message, the data will just not be imported.

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