The following are some improvements Insightly should consider making:

  • Allow administrators to create required fields in any category.
  • Allow customization of the search results screen so you can see different parts of the record results.
  • Allow administrators to designate lead assignment rules to multiple users.
  • Make it possible to attach files in custom categories and records.
  • Allow administrators to save custom generated html code for external forms so that future changes can be easily made without having to start all over from scratch.
  • Make it possible to designate required fields on custom html forms.
  • Offer more standard fields for forms and charts. For example, the average number of days to close a sale should be a standard calculated option when building a chart or running a report.
  • When converting a lead to an opportunity, provide the option to choose a pipeline and stage before the record is converted.
  • Allow task comments to be included in custom reports.   



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