Visual Dependency Field Mapping

There are way too many custom fields showing constantly. The ability to show and hide fields based on selections to other fields.

If you mark the opportunity as "Lost".
Then a dropdown appears with a list of competitor's names. This way you can tell which competitor is your biggest competition.

Another example: 

If you select A from a drop-down:
Textfield B and CheckBox C appear.

If you select D from the dropdown.
Textfield E appears.

This is a simple function that most CRMs currently have.



  • Hi Jaison,

    Have you tried Dynamic Layout Rules? I think it might be what you're looking for!

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  • Thanks Kourtney!

    That's exactly what I was looking for, too bad its only on Enterprise. Which is why I didn't see that function. 


    Thanks again!

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  • Hello Jaison,

    Would you like to learn more about Enterprise and how it can benefit your company? 

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