How can I create a contact email list for those accounts in a certain pipeline stage

I have created a "Proposal sent" pipeline stage. Now I would like to send a broadcast email to all contacts from the entities I have sent proposals to, so I can prompt action from them. How can I do this? Contact reports don't offer the fields I need to filter by pipeline stage. 



  • Hi Peter, 

    Are all of your contacts linked to the project or opportunity with the pipeline? If they are, you can pull a linked item report. 

    1. Click on reports
    2. Select your record type (project or opportunity)
    3. Chose a linked item report
    4. Filter for the "proposal sent" pipeline stage 
    5. Filter for link type to be contacts
    6. Pull the columns that you need from the contacts over. 
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  • Peter,

    If you plan to send this email often, you may want to create a workflow automation instead.

    You could set the workflow automation to send the email after x amount of days at a certain stage and set a point of contact in the opportunity record using a custom relationship lookup field to send that email to.

    Let me know if you need further assistance.

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp

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  • Thanks Erin and Micah - I'll give Erin's suggestions a shot - then be in touch if needed Micah! 


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