Deleting a custom field


I created a custom field accidentally and now I'm wondering if I am able to delete it without losing the data that was moved into it?

So the question is, did the custom field copy the data or did it move it?



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  • Rauli

    I'm not sure what happens to the data when you delete a custom field but normally if you do this on a database you delete the column and any associated data.

    But how would you access any data even if it was retained? You need a field to reference in any display or report so there would be little use. Maybe I do not understand the problem?

    When deleting a custom field the following is displayed-

    Warning: Deleting a custom field deletes all data associated with that custom field. There is no undelete for custom fields and their data - this deletion is permanent. It will also affect:

    • Lead Assignment Rules
    • Report Filters
    • Page Layouts
    • Dynamic Layout Rule Conditions and Actions
    • Insightly API Responses
    • Lambda Functions using that field
    • Lead or Opportunity conversion mappings
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