Google User Functionality

Yes, I read the rules of engagement, and will try not to let my frustration bleed into this. I have been a Paid Insightly User for 4 years or so, am a Google shop/G Suite User, but was set up originally in Insightly as a regular user. Until the last year I have been fairly to quite happy with Insightly. In the last year (see my post dated 1/21/2019), when things began to go downhill.

This is a MAJOR problem for Gmail users. One of the things that attracted me originally was Insightly seemed to be built around and integrated with Google functionality. In the last 6 - 12 months, Google functionality and usefulness has diminished DRAMATICALLY.

We used to have the capability when sending email from Google to select the orange button at the bottom to save the email to Insightly automatically. That went away within the last year.
Now we are told (after being told upon setup the only difference between being a "regular user that used Google" and a G Suite user was you could sign in to Insightly from within the Google environment. Now we recently find out that a "regular user" using Google can no longer Quick Save with the Google Sidebar.

We are told, well you can now CC outgoing emails with your Insightly email address (at least one more step), and incoming emails now have to be Forwarded to your Insightly email address (at least a couple EXTRA steps, and oh, by the way, it DOESN'T work for us).

Let's lift up the hood (I've spent time I do not have trying to fix this), and Insightly has provided the following "solution," and this is from the Insightly Help Center titled "Using your Insightly mailbox address to save emails": 

"Use the To field to forward received messages

When you receive an email that you would like to save to Insightly, forward it to Insightly by entering your mailbox address in the To field.

When Insightly receives the message, the system will look through the first 10 lines of the email body for email addresses and domains in the original message header. (It will not link the email to other addresses in the To, CC, or BCC fields.)"

For those of us that wish to have an email Signature, and may be in a regulated industry that requires a disclaimer Footer, you have to take yet another step due to being more than the aforementioned 10 lines:

Go into Insightly Home, look at Recent Activity, click on the email that was only saved to myself under my Contact information, and Link the above email to the appropriate Contact person that sent you the email in the first place.

Is there anybody in their right mind that believes the above is close to being reasonable for busy Users in this day in age of technology?? Insightly has gotten DRAMATICALLY less efficient for Gmail users.

Insightly has gone from being a really good CRM, excellent Google interfacing, small business friendly, good Project management tools, and reasonably priced to an absolute DISASTER for us. At this point it seems to be blamed on Google, which I don't buy at all. Unless Insightly can provide a solution soon, it appears to leave us little choice than to leave.




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