Updating Opportunities using Zapier

Hi Guys, 

It has now been 10 months without an answer....

What the actual... 


I am a little confused about how to update an opportunity using Zapier. 

I can 'find an opportunity' or 'create an opportunity' but I don't seem to be able to 'update an opportunity' 

Am I missing something? 

The goal is to update the opportunity pipeline in Insightly when a document is sent or accepted in Panda Docs.

Do I even need Zapier!?

Now... before you give me an answer like " that's possible within the Insightly API" then close this thread with some links to confusing API documentation... 

If it is possible in Zapier please tell me how. If not can you ask Zapier to make it possible - it seems like a pretty intuitive extension from 'find opportunity' to 'update opportunity' 

Same deal with Projects.



  • I don't think Zapier updates opps and projects.

    I think it just creates them? Could be wrong.

    Are you currently creating opps? I see that the "pipeline" is missing. Do you know how you would set that from the zap?

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  • Any update on this?


    I've been hating the Insightly / Zapier integration since upgrading to the Pro Insightly account.


    Why is there a "Find Opportunity" Zap without an "Update Opportunity" Zap?   What is the point of finding an opportunity if you can't update it?  There is no point!

    Please fix before my renewal anniversary or I won't be sticking with Insightly!

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  • I hate that we got locked in for a year before realising that almost everything you would expect from a functional CRM requires you to use Zapier. 

    Then, when you use Zapier you can't update Opportunities or Projects. 

    Oh... and by the way... if you're not paying extra for support you can basically go get  #$%&

    I'm guessing this is why you can't leave a google review for Insighlty anywhere...


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  • Dear Insightly team,

    Please have a look at this feature. 

    It would help us a lot if you could just add a "Update opportunity" feature in Zapier. Then this issue would be solved in a second.

    Please prioritize this ASAP since it's critical for us and many others in order to continue using Insightly.



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  • I revisit this question every few months..  

    It is so frustrating that Insightly have not responded.  

    Thankfully I have moved our organisation to monthly billing while I prepare an alternate solution to Insightly.

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  • Sadly, we upgraded to enterprise in the hope that we might get a functional CRM. Not without advanced coding that was far beyond our ability. 

    The consultant that recommended Insightly has been fired and was made to refund almost $25,000 in fees. 

    I don't think he'll be doing that again. 


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