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When adjusting a Contact Record with their Organization affiliation, our staff attempt to enter the first few letters of the proper Organization only to find the results organized alphabetically, rather than with organizations that begin with the letters we chose. For example, when typing in UL (to find the organization named UL), the field results begin with Acuity Consulting Services, presumably because there is a 'ul' combination in the name. This requires us to scroll through all of the records with 'ul' until we find the record. 

Conversely, when we search for "UL" in the "Search All Data" toolbar, it presents the Organization record for UL first. 

Why do these searches yield results in differing formats? 

Thanks, Ryan



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  • Hey Ryan Laber,

    When you start typing search terms, Insightly will begin to list matching records. The most relevant items are listed first. Search also recognizes when you enter a complete email address or URL and will focus on those fields to find the best results. (Insightly won't match characters without accents to similar characters with accents. "Pete Álvares" will not match "Pete Alvares".)

    This article helps explain more: Searching in Insightly 

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