Creating a Block of Custom Field Boxes

Hi There,

Is there any way to create a block of field boxes like this? It appears they only will stack on top of one another when dropped into the category box in the layout, but not  side by side.


Your assistance is appreciated. Thanks.



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  • Hi Carolyn,


    Thank you for reaching out to us!


    Unfortunately, Insightly users do not have the ability to create a custom field block similar to that of the address fields.


    However, you do have a similar type of functionality with flexible column page layout: 


    If you would like to see this feature implemented in future versions you can submit a feature request through our Product Feedback page.


    Insightly is streamlining the way we collect product feedback from our customers in order to make our product better than ever and help your business succeed.


    To get started:


    1. Log into your Insightly account, and click on the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner. Next, select "Product Feedback".
    2. Once the pop-up appears, select "I have product feedback". Type in your response and when finished, click Submit.


    Thanks for taking the time to submit your ideas to us!

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