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I am unable to submit a ticket or open a support request. We have a paid plan. On my free plan, however, using my personal email, there is a Contact Us button and I am able to submit a ticket. The email associated with our account is I have been told I can't get help using my personal email Insightly Help account as it is not a paid plan.

Issue - I am having trouble with the Web to Lead form HTML embed glitching. The form is not closing and is over the top of the 'thank you' page message, even once filled out. The Insightly thank you page did not work at all (just a grey box with no load).  Has anyone had any luck fixing the 'thank you' page from a HTML embed using the Insightly Web to Lead or Web to Contact forms?



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  • Hi Jim,


    I'm sorry that you are having difficulty creating a support ticket.


    I have gone ahead and created a ticket for you. Please be on the look out for a support email from us.


    Have a great day!


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