Customizing Insightly: Custom Fields and Page Layouts

Insightly has powerful customization features for fitting your CRM to your business. Two of the most beneficial of these features are custom fields and Page Layouts.

Custom fields are administrator-created fields that can be tailored to fit your team's needs. There are 16 different types of fields to capture numbers, dates, and text.

For example, say your accounting team needs contact records to have clients' billing information. They ask their administrator to add fields they need — such as payment type or fee amount.


Each Insightly subscription plan limits the number of custom fields you can create per object.

  • Free
    • 2 custom fields per object
  • Plus
    • 50 custom fields per object
  • Professional
    • 100 custom fields per object
  • Enterprise
    • 200 custom fields per object

Page Layouts are for organizing which fields are displayed to users, who those users are, and the order the fields appear in. So, if the admin wants to place the the new fields for the accounting team at the top of contact records, they can place them there and even make them required.

But if they don't want the entire company to see this sensitive information, they can use advanced permissions to restrict that view/page layout to only the accounting team's profiles.

Together, you can use these features to create fully customized records. You can organize standard and custom fields on a Page Layout to fit every team's needs.

Take a look at our pricing page to see which features are available on your plan. 

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