Beginner's Guide for Users

Welcome to Insightly CRM! 

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. In general, it's a tool you use to manage your business relationships. It's not just about keeping track of a contact's information - it's about who they work for, what you need to do for them, and how to keep them happy.

Insightly's User Guide (admins can find their guide here) is designed to guide you as you explore your brand new CRM. Follow the steps below to help you get up and running with your account.

First, let's show you around.

1. Navigating around Insightly

2. Different ways to access Insightly

3. Personalize your User Settings

4. Using Insightly to manage sales

Managing your records

5. Viewing Records

6. Linking Records

7. Using tasks in Insightly

8. How to create a list view

9. How to follow records and receive notifications

Email tracking in Insightly

10. A guide to email in Insightly

11. Set up your account to send email from Insightly

12. Using your Insightly mailbox address to save emails

13. Sending and scheduling email from Insightly

Reporting and dashboards

14. Overview of Advanced Reporting

15. Introduction to Dashboards


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