What are Page Layouts?

If you have trouble finding fields in your record because the page is disorganized or overloaded with fields, Page Layouts allow you to rearrange and declutter the layout of your records.

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Page Layouts are available on all plans. With Professional and Enterprise plans, you can create additional Page Layouts.

How do Page Layouts work?

Page Layouts enable Insightly administrators to select and organize which fields, standard or custom, will appear on a record. Admins can edit the details tab and the related tab of an object.

Users will only see the information they need, saving time while also making it simpler to create reliable data by making fields required.

With Advanced Permissions, layouts can be assigned to specific profiles. Alternatively, you can use one standard layout for all users. Admins can edit the details tab and the related tab of an object.

With Page Layouts, you can:

  • Add or remove fields

  • Reorganize fields

  • Make fields required

  • Limit layout access to specific user profiles (requires Advanced Permissions)

  • Setup which tab will open by default when a record is opened

  • Hide custom Related tab grid lists when there are no records to display

Use cases

  • The marketing team might want their Project records to only display fields for the videos they produce, while the product team wants their Projects to only show fields related to Help Center content. Create two different Project layouts for each team's profile so they'll only see the fields that are applicable to their work.

  • Create required fields so users won’t forget to fill out vital information. For example, requiring users to enter an email address for every Lead record they create.

  • Create read-only fields to keep your team informed while preventing incorrect information from being added later.

Learn more

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