What are Custom Objects?

You're probably familiar with Insightly's standard objects - they contain all of your records. From Contacts to Organizations, objects store critical information. While our standard objects are very powerful, you may have data to record that doesn't fit into the premade objects.

With Insightly's Custom Objects, you can create your own objects to store data that's unique to your business.


What can I do with Custom Objects?

Let's say you work in real estate. You need a place to keep track of your properties, but Insightly doesn't have a place for you to put them.

You can create your own custom object that contains every property you've ever handled. Then, you can link those records to contacts or other records connected to the property.


From Products to Inventory to Appointments, you can create any custom object you want!

Each object you create will be displayed on the left navigation bar beneath your standard objects. You can use permissions to control who has access to the object.

You can add new records to your object from the object or through the plus icon in the top navigation bar.

screenshot-crm.na1.insightly.com-2018.08.28-10-20-25_2_.png                screenshot-crm.na1.insightly.com-2018.08.28-10-19-19.png

Check out our pricing page to see what's available for your account.

Read How to create a custom object to get started.

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