How to add Product fields to a Quote PDF

Quote PDFs support any Quote fields. These PDFs can also support Product standard and custom fields.

You will need to upload your own template that includes the field names that you need to be included. Reminder:

The Field Name is used for the internal functions of the CRM and helps identify the field. Since the Field Name must be unique, it ensures the right data will be pulled. The Field Label determines how a field is labeled within a record.


To add Product fields to a Quote PDF

  1. Open your Quote document. If you don't have a premade template, you can download Insightly's Standard Quotation Template.

    Go to System Settings > Document Templates. Select Standard Quotation Template. Click the download link in the Template File field.
  2. Return to System Settings > Document Templates. Click New Document Template.
  3. In the Related Object field, select Quotations.
  4. Scroll down the Merge Fields for Quotes section. Towards the bottom, you will find your Product field names.
  5. Copy the Product field you want to add.
  6. Open your Quote document. Paste the field name into your document, then save.
  7. Return to Document Templates > New Document Template.
  8. Give your template a name and click Upload in the Template File field. Select the Quote document you saved.
  9. Click the Active checkbox and click Save Template.
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