The Guide to Products, Price Books, and Quotes

  1. Introduction 
    1. What are Products and Price Books?
    2. What are Quotes?
    3. How to enable Products, Price Books, and Quotations
  2. How to use Products
    1. How to create a Product
    2. How to edit a Product
  3. How to use Price Books
    1. How to create a Price Book
    2. How to edit a Price Book
    3. How to assign a Price Book to an Opportunity
    4. How to add and remove Products from a Price Book
  4. How to use Quotes
    1. How to create a Quote
    2. How to edit a Quote
    3. How to delete a Quote
  5. Creating PDFs and Merge Documents
    1. How to format and upload a document template
    2. How to use Microsoft Word to add conditional merge statements into templates
    3. How to create a PDF or a Merge Document
    4. How to delete a PDF or Merge Document
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