[Insightly Classic] Finding duplicate records with SmartMerge

Insightly Classic is the old version of Insightly. It's not available to new accounts. Users on Insightly Classic can switch over to the latest version.

Insightly's SmartMerge feature can help you find and clean up duplicate contacts, organizations, and leads. Once you have found and confirmed duplicates using any of the steps below, you can merge them into one master record.


There are four ways to start the merge process with SmartMerge:

  • Find contacts, leads, or organizations with matching names from the list view

    To find the same types of records with the same name, go to the list view page and click the SmartMerge link in the right sidebar. This method finds exact name matches only. The search and SmartMerge report methods below will help you find names that sound similar.

  • Select duplicate records that you find on the list view

    To merge duplicates that you've identified in the list view, select the records by clicking the checkboxes to their left, then click the SmartMerge button that appears above the list.

  • Search for similar records when viewing an individual record

    From an individual contact, lead, or organization, click the Actions menu and select the SmartMerge option to find records with closely matching names.

  • Run a SmartMerge report to find closely matching names

    After performing any of the actions above, an option to run a report will appear at the bottom of the SmartMerge page. Click the link to have Insightly find all records of the selected type with similar names and email you a SmartMerge report in a spreadsheet file.

Once you've identified duplicate items, you can merge them or use the SmartMerge report to clean them up.

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