Customizing Contact Management

Contacts are people who are directly associated with your business. Whether they're someone you work with, someone you're selling to, or someone you provide services to, contacts are integral to your Insightly experience.

Keeping your contacts organized and up-to-date shouldn't be a daunting task. Here's what you should know about Contact management and the tools you have at your disposal. 


You've probably accumulated a number of customers before you started using Insightly. Instead of manually entering each one, you can use our importing feature to add them all in just a few clicks. 

Before you import any existing Contacts into Insightly, you need to prepare your file so no information gets lost in the process. You'll need to get familiar with custom fields and Page Layouts.

Lead Conversion

You might add someone into Insightly as a Contact directly, but if you are in sales, many of your Contacts could originally start as a lead.

When you convert your Leads into Contacts, you'll want to make sure you have your standard and custom fields mapped correctly so you don't lose any information in the process.

List Views

Are you overwhelmed by the number of Contacts in your account? Scared of losing track of a client because it's surrounded by so many others? You don't need to declutter your contacts to keep things manageable. 

Sorting through your Contacts is easy with List Views. You can apply multiple filters to create a targeted view of your records.

With List Views, you can share lists with your team or create private lists that only you can access. You'll also use them to create lists for kanban views.

Repeat emails

When you create an email template, it's available to all the users on your Insightly account. Email templates can be sorted into objects and categories to help you organize and group them. 

Templates can also be used with Workflow Automation, which can send an email for you when it's triggered by a change on a record.

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