Insightly Mobile Application 2021 Enhancements


This article contains information pertaining to updates that occur to the Insightly mobile application for both iOS and Android. To gain access to the enhancements detailed below, users will be required to update the application via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Updates will automatically sign users out of the mobile application; users will be required to sign into the application to access functionality after the update is complete. 

Article Contents

July 4.3 Enhancement 

Activity Tab

  • Milestones are now available via Projects. Milestones can be added, edited, deleted, and completed. 
  • The Date and Assigned To fields are now available on the Activity tab for each activity entry in a record. 
  • Dates will now appear on Activity tab entries. 


  • A Lead record's custom fields will now be successfully transferred when the record has been converted into an Opportunity, Contact, or Organization


  • Trend lines now appear on Dashboard Card graphs if a trend line appears in the corresponding graph on the Insightly web application.


  • Document merges can now be completed for all objects.
  • Records of all supported Objects can now be cloned. 

Opportunity Records

  • The Stage History grid is now available on an Opportunity record's Related tab. 

Quote Line Item

  • Quote Line Items will now be sorted to correspond to the order that they appear within the Insightly web application.


  • The Record Owner can now be updated.

Related Tab

  • Audit Logs now appear in the Related tab of records. 
  • Users can now search for products to be added to the Related tab of Quote and Opportunity records. 

Task List View

  • When viewing the Task List view, the first linked record for each Task will now appear on each entry in the list view.

Text Fields

  • When formatted correctly in a text field, live hyperlinks will appear and become clickable. 
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