[Insightly Classic] Changing a contact to a lead

Insightly Classic is the old version of Insightly. It's not available to new accounts. Users on Insightly Classic can switch over to the latest version.

If a contact is created in Insightly but should have been entered as a lead, you can change the contact to a lead from the Actions menu. This will create a new lead and delete the original contact record.

This function is not available for bulk editing.

What is transferred to the lead?

  • All default fields common to both contacts and leads, such as first name, last name, title and organization name, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Custom fields that are set up the exact same way for leads. This means the field name and data type (and values for lists) must be the same.
  • Events, notes, and uploaded files.
  • Links to emails and tasks.

What is not transferred to the lead?

  • Custom fields that are set up for contacts, but not for leads.
  • Links to other records. The linked records will remain intact, but won't be linked to the new lead.

To change a lead to a contact:

  1. View the contact, click the Actions menu.
  2. Select Change Contact To Lead. This will take you to a new lead page.
  3. Add or adjust any information, such as Lead Status or Lead Rating.
  4. Click the Save button to create the new lead and delete the original contact record.
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