[Insightly Classic] How to create a project

Insightly Classic is the old version of Insightly. It's not available to new accounts. Users on Insightly Classic can switch over to the latest version.

You can convert an opportunity to automatically generate a project, but you can also manually create one.

Before you begin, decide whether you'll manage the project's related tasks using Pipelines or milestones. It's also a good idea to make sure contacts or organizations that will be related to the project have been created.

To create a project:

  1. Click the Add New Item (+) button at the top of the page and select Add New Project. (You can also click the New Project button on the Projects page.)
  2. Enter a name and description for the project.

    A best practice is to set up a consistent naming pattern for records opportunities, projects, and tasks to include information like a customer name, the product or service, and an estimated completion date. This will make it easier to search for and view in a list.

    For example: Bushwood Country Club | Pool Maintenance | April 2016
  3. Select a category, if applicable. The category list can be customized by your Insightly administrator.
  4. Click the Who's Responsible? list and choose the user who will handle the project.
  5. If you will be using a Pipeline for the project, select one from the Pipeline Name list and then choose a stage.

    If you will be using milestones, don't select a Pipeline. Leave the selection at "Nothing Selected." See How to add a milestone.
  6. If your Insightly administrator has set up custom fields for projects, complete that information.
  7. Use the Links section to link the project to other records, such as contacts who are customers or contractors, users who are working on the project, and the organizations they belong to.

    Type the name of the item you'd like to link to and click the matching record.
    You can also type a role or description of the link's connection to the project.
    When the link information is complete, click the blue Save button.
  8. Select the viewing permissions for the project. Only you, the selected users, and your Insightly administrators will be able to view this record.
    This setting will not appear if your account is set to Advanced Permissions.
  9. Click the Save button at the top of the page to create the new project. You can also save your changes and start another new project by clicking the arrow on the right of the button and selecting Save + Add Another.

Your project will now be saved and ready to work with.


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