[Insightly Classic] What are Milestones?

Insightly Classic is the old version of Insightly. It's not available to new accounts. Users on Insightly Classic can switch over to the latest version.

When managing projects with Insightly, you have two different ways to organize a project's tasks: Pipelines and Milestones. Pipelines are a series of stages set up by an Insightly administrator. They set out standard, step-by-step processes for a project.

Milestones are a flexible way to set target dates and can also be used to group tasks. They're created as you go and aren't standardized, so they're great for projects that vary or for projects that have multiple teams working on different priorities.

You can apply a Pipeline or Milestones to a project, but not both.


When you add a Milestone to a project, you'll select a due date and a user to assign it to. Tasks can be grouped below a Milestone as each task is added or edited. In the image above, we see two Milestones and three tasks.

Like tasks, you can mark a Milestone complete by clicking the checkbox to its left. If there are related tasks, you'll need to mark those complete on the Tasks subtab. When you edit a Milestone's due date, Insightly can automatically adjust the due dates for future Milestones and related tasks for you.

Creating a group of Milestone tasks

Activity Sets automatically generate a group of tasks based on a template. When you apply an activity set to a project from the Actions menu, you'll be able to select which Milestone all the tasks will be related to. This saves you the time of entering the same individual tasks over and over.

Viewing a project's Milestone calendar

You can view your own Milestones in your Insightly calendar, but you can also view all of a project's Milestones in a calendar view. The default is the agenda view, which displays the list of Milestones and their tasks. To switch to the calendar view, click the calendar icon in the Milestones subtab.

Are Milestones a good fit for the project you're working on? See How to add a Milestone and related tasks.

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