Viewing a dashboard card

This article is part of the Guide to Insightly Dashboards

This feature is only available in the new Insightly.

You can get a close-up view of a dashboard card by clicking the card's title in a dashboard. This will also let you filter the data on the card and view the data in a table.

If you want to see a full list of every dashboard card you or your team has ever created, look no further than the dashboard cards page.

To access this page:

  1. Click on the Dashboards tab.
  2. Click Cards.

On this page, you'll have access to any card on any dashboard that you have permission to view.

There are more customization features available on the View Card page. After you create a card, you will land on this page.


You can use filters if you would like to narrow down the data on your card.

Table view

You can also view the table version of the card, which is just the data from the card in the form of a basic table. You can switch between chart view and table view by clicking their icons, which are located directly beneath the Actions dropdown.


Adding a card to another dashboard

If you want to add the card to multiple dashboards:

  1. From the View Dashboard Card page, click Actions and select Add to Dashboard.
  2. From the pop-up that appears, type in the name of the dashboards you want the card to appear on and select them from the dropdown list that appears. Click Save.Viewing_Dashboard_Cards_9.png
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