What are Dashboard Cards?

What is the difference between a Dashboard and a Dashboard Card? Dashboards are where dashboard cards live, and each Dashboard Card contains a chart. A Dashboard without cards is an empty page waiting to be filled.


Dashboard Card are created with your Insightly data. You choose the type of chart or graph you want to display and the data you want to measure (the default colors within dashboard cards cannot be edited). 

A Dashboard Card will display information from 100 records by default, but users can adjust this as needed using the Limit Rows field.

Insightly will instantly create a rich, insightful diagram that will help you understand your business and how it functions. 

You can resize and move cards around a Dashboard.


At a glance, you'll be able to see a card's title, summary number, and chart. By hovering over the icons at the bottom of each card, you will be able to identify the card owner and the data source.What_Are_Dashboard_Cards_1.png

If you prefer, you can also view the card's data in a table.Viewing_Dashboard_Cards_7.png

Creating a card can seem intimidating with all the options for customization, but once you get started, you'll be fine.

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