What are Quotes?

When a Prospect lets you know that they are seriously interested in your business, congratulations! You've proved the value of your products and services. Your work doesn't end there, however.

Customers need to know what they will be expected to pay before you can win their business. Send them a Quote to help your customers get a clear understanding of what you offer.

How to use Quotes

Use Quotes to give Prospects detailed, itemized summaries of your fees. Quotes are essential to clearly communicating with your customers and closing the deal.

Quotes are created through your Opportunity records. You can create multiple Quotes per Opportunity, in the event of negotiations.

Quotes are equipped with pipelines for a quick understanding of what stage your opportunity is at. Create a Quote then generate a PDF to send to your customer.

You can view Quotes in the Opportunities they are linked to or you can view a list of all of the Quotes your team has created in the Quotations tab.


To start using Quotes, you will need to enable Products, Price Books, and Quotes. Then, start creating Products and Price Books to organize what you sell and the different prices you offer.

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