Navigating Insightly

Welcome to Insightly!

When you log into Insightly, you'll see the Home page.

There are two different types of data you can choose to display on this page: Dashboards and Recent Activity. Click the Home dropdown to bring up these options.

  • Dashboards - Dashboards are a series of cards that use graphs and charts to display your Insightly data. You can display any dashboard you have permission to view.
  • Recent Activity - Recent activity displays a timeline of recent changes in Insightly. These activities can range from new records being created (new tasks, contacts, etc) to specific record updates like pipeline stage updates. You can filter the list by Activity Type and User.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is located on the left side of your screen. You'll be able to access your records, reports, dashboards, and home screen from here.

Header Bar

At the top of your screen, there is an orange header bar. This bar contains several navigation tools:

3-line menu - Clicking on this menu will reveal and hide the names of the objects located in the navigation bar.

Search Bar - The search bar is located in the top center of your screen. Use it to search through all of your records.

Plus sign icon - You can add new records by clicking on the plus icon in the upper right of your screen

Square icon - You can find all of the custom apps you have access to by clicking the square icon in the upper right of your screen.

Bell icon - You can find your notifications by clicking the bell icon in the upper right of your screen. These are updates for the records you are following. You can also identify which records you are following and adjust your notification settings.

Profile menu - The profile menu is located in the upper right corner of your screen. Here's a quick overview of the options:

  • Insightly Basics: Opens a menu with a few basic tutorials for using Insightly.
  • Help: Directs you to our Help Center.
  • What's New: Sends you to our Product News blog to read about new features and updates.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Handy shortcuts that allow you to navigate Insightly faster.
  • User Settings: Here you will be able to adjust the settings for your individual profile, such as your time zone or calendar preferences.
  • System Settings: (Administrators only) Administrators will modify these settings to manage your account and configure Insightly for your entire team.
  • Billing and Account: (Administrators only) Review and adjust your billing and account information.
  • Log Out: Click here to exit your account.
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