Insightly Onboarding


The onboarding process mitigates risk for the customer as well as elevates their experience using Insightly. Once the onboarding process is complete, continued support is available through the Insightly's Premier Success Plan

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of integrating a customer into Insightly. The onboarding process provides customers with the opportunity to set goals and configure their Insightly accounts to better reach those goals. Through onboarding, customers will receive training support on feature functionality which will support the process of account configuration with the Onboarding Specialist. 

Onboarding provides customers with the opportunity to do the following with support from their Onboarding Specialist:

  • Centralize their database with contact management

  • Accelerate sales by leveraging lead management and pipeline management 

  • Deliver projects efficiently with project management through the use of advanced features such as reporting, dashboards, automation, etc.

For customers who are also leveraging a Premier Success Plan, the Onboarding Specialist will initiate an introduction to the Customer Success Manager. The Customer Success Manager will provide continued support to ensure goal attainment is met. To learn more, the help article Insightly’s Premier Success Plan can be reviewed. 

Additional information regarding onboarding can be found on the Insightly website

Why is it Important?

Industry-wide, as many as 70% of CRM investments fail; when businesses fail to fully adopt CRM applications, it's the customers who pay the price. Failing to adopt CRM applications is also a risk that can persist in a business forever. 

The value of Insightly’s platform is truly unlocked when all teams are using it to capture information across every customer interaction. Those insights can then be shared to align teams who can use the information to elevate the experiences they are serving to customers. Insightly’s onboarding and Premier Success Plan programs are designed to mitigate the ongoing risk that adoption introduces into businesses and help unlock the full value of the Insightly platform to ensure businesses are consistently improving how they serve customers.

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