How to Submit a Ticket to Insightly's Care Team

Questions or technical support needed? Our Customer Care team is here to help! Send us an email at

If you are on a paid Insightly plan you have access to phone support. You can find your dedicated phone number by logging into your Insightly account, clicking your profile icon at the top right, and selecting Phone Support.

To ensure a quick resolution when submitting your question through a ticket, here are some helpful tips:

  • Be specific: Please provide detailed information about the issue. For instance, instead of saying "My report isn't working," let us know which specific report is encountering the problem.

  • Include screenshots and links: Adding screenshots of the steps you've taken and what you're experiencing will aid us in understanding the problem better. If specific reports are involved, including relevant links in your ticket will be beneficial.

  • Grant permission to test: To maintain security measures, we require permission before initiating any testing. Simply state "Permission to Test" in your ticket will allow us to move forward with the investigation. This is required for each request/ticket.

  • Don’t delete until testing is complete: When we’re testing, we’ll be following the steps you provided. So if you created a record, we’ll need to create one too - Please don’t delete this until testing is complete. Otherwise, we might have to start from scratch.

Please use the template below when submitting your email:

Hello Insightly Customer Care:

  • Issue - 

  • Screenshots - 

  • Sample Record ID/URL - 

  • Permission to Log-in/Test: Yes/No - 


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