Insightly's Customer Success Organization


Upon completing a purchase, our clients embark on a post-sales journey designed to ensure they receive optimal value and satisfaction from our software. Guiding them through this phase are four distinct yet synergistic teams: 

  • The ever-responsive Customer Support, ensuring the seamless operation of our product 
  • The Professional Services squad, tailoring solutions to meet unique needs 
  • The Customer Success team, a strategic partner focused on maximizing value and growth
  • The Onboarding Team, dedicated to facilitating a smooth transition for newcomers 

Together, these teams underscore our unyielding commitment to enhancing each customer's experience and driving their continued success.

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Customer Support

Customer Support is an exceptional team of dedicated professionals committed to going above and beyond to assist our valued customers. Their unwavering dedication to providing exceptional technical support and resolving complex inquiries ensures the seamless operation of our software. By delivering prompt and efficient assistance through various channels such as phone and email, our Customer Support team leaves no stone unturned in ensuring customer satisfaction remains at an all-time high. 

With their profound expertise and empathetic approach, they tirelessly work to address any product-related concerns, going the extra mile to transform challenges into opportunities for growth. Their impactful contributions strengthen our relationship with customers and serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled support and ensuring the utmost success of our clients.

Professional Services 

The Professional Services team is a dedicated group of experts focused on three key areas: customized account configurations, data migrations, and integrations. Operating within a Statement of Work (SOW) framework, we meticulously scope and plan our projects to ensure successful delivery. With a commitment to timeliness and efficiency, we deliver our work on schedule and bill based on time and materials. 

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AppConnect and AWS Lambda, we seamlessly integrate our software with existing systems, enabling optimal workflow efficiency. Our goal is to provide personalized solutions that maximize the value our customers derive from our software, empowering them to achieve their unique business objectives.

Customer Success

The Customer Success team is focused on ensuring customers achieve their desired outcomes and realize the total value of our software throughout their journey. This team collaborates closely with clients, serving as a trusted advisor and strategic partner. They proactively engage with customers to understand their goals, develop success plans, monitor product adoption, and drive customer satisfaction. Customer Success is dedicated to fostering long-term relationships and helping customers achieve sustainable business growth. Access to a Customer Success Manager comes with purchase of a Premier Support & Success Plan.

Onboarding Team

The Onboarding team at Insightly ensures a smooth and successful transition for new customers as they begin using our software. Their primary objective is to guide customers through the initial setup process and configuration, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience. A key aspect of their work involves executing Insightly's Guided Onboarding Program, a comprehensive process designed to equip customers with all the necessary tools and knowledge to use our software effectively. 

This personalized program includes assistance, training sessions, and resource provision to help customers quickly familiarize themselves with our product's features and functionalities. Upon the conclusion of the Guided Onboarding Program, customers have established a strong foundation for success and have successfully transitioned to our software, marking the end of their direct engagement with an Onboarding Specialist. The Onboarding team continues to work behind the scenes to ensure a smooth ongoing experience. Access to an Onboarding Specialist comes with purchase of a Guided Onboarding Plan.

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