Importing contact notes and organization notes

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When moving data between accounts or CRM's, you may have contact or organization notes to import. Prepare a CSV file to import these notes into Insightly. 

Each row in your file must represent a single note. The Note Date field can contain a past date, but if you don't assign a date, we'll just add the current day. The best format for note dates is DD-MMM-YYYY (e.g., 24-MAR-2011).

Matching your note to the correct record

In your file, each row represents a note, and each column represents a field, like Note Title or Organization Name. When you import notes, Insightly will look through your contacts or organizations to match the note to the correct record. We'll do this by matching on two fields: the name and one other field.

Organization note matching

For each organization note, the organization name must match exactly, and then one of the following must match, too:

  • The phone number
  • The website address

Contact note matching

For each contact note, both the first name and last name of the contact must match exactly. Secondly, one of the following must match:

  • An organization linked to the Insightly contact matches the organization name in your file
  • The phone number
  • The email address
If Insightly contacts include middle names or initials, Insightly places both the first and middle names in the First Name field. Your import for contact notes must have both names in the First Name field to match.

Importing your notes

You can import notes for contacts from the Contacts page and notes for organizations from the Organizations page.

  1. Select the Contacts or Organizations tab.
  2. Click the Import link from the right sidebar. You may have to click the Show Sidebar button.
  3. Select the link for importing notes from a CSV file.
    Contact import notes option
  4. Click the Select File button and choose your file.
  5. Choose an import action.
    • Add New Records - Add new records and skip records that Insightly recognizes as duplicates.
    • Update Existing Records - Update records that match the Record ID field in your file. Skip all other records.
    • Add New Records and Update Existing Records - Update records that match the Record ID field in your file, skip duplicates, and add all other records.
  6. Uncheck the next box if your file does not include a header row.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Insightly will display three columns: Insightly fields, headers from your file, and the first record in your file. Select or verify the Insightly Field for each column in your file. If you're importing tags with your records, you might want to review Importing records with tags.
  9. Click the Start This Import button.

If you import notes and make an error or import incorrect data, you'll need to go to the Home tab, select Notes from the Activity Type filter, and then delete the imported notes one by one before re-importing them.

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