Importing records with tags

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Tags are a quick, unstructured way to label your records. Tags do not exist independently from records, so they can't be imported on their own. Your import file will need to have one or more columns for each record's tags.

As you prepare your file for importing, tags can be included in one of two ways:

One tag in each column

  • Allows up to 9 tags
  • Each cell contains one tag value

Your spreadsheet could contain separate columns for each tag, with up to 9 columns. The tags in each column don't have to be the same, but you can only have one tag in each cell.


When importing records with tags in separate columns, you'll select one of the numbered tag fields (Tag 1, Tag 2, etc.) during the mapping process.


Multiple tags in one column

  • Allows any number of tags
  • Tags must be separated by commas

You can also have all your tags in one column, and this will be necessary if you have more than 9 tags. The tags can be listed in any order in the cell, and they need to be separated by commas.


When importing records with a tag list, select the Tag List item for that column during the mapping process.




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