What has changed in the New Insightly?

We are very excited about the improvements we've made to Insightly CRM. Insightly is built to serve your needs, and many of the changes we implemented in October of 2017 came directly from customer suggestions and feedback.

Administrators can switch to the New Insightly in System Settings. No data will be lost in this process.

The New Insightly will be enabled for your entire account and switch all your users over. It cannot be enabled for individual users.


While we'll continue to add new features to the new Insightly experience, Insightly Classic will no longer receive updates.

These are some of the changes and new features:

  • Custom Objects - While our standard objects are very powerful, you may have data to record that doesn't fit into the premade objects. With Insightly's custom objects, you can create your own objects to store data that's unique to your business.
  • Custom Apps - You can make your own fully customized app to store your data. Custom apps look and act just like Insightly CRM, but are branded to your preferences.
  • Page Layouts - Create your own Page Layouts to add, remove, or reorganize fields on a page, make fields required, and create special layouts for specific user profiles under Advanced Permissions
  • System settings - The settings page for admins has been reorganized and improved.
  • Kanban view - Opportunities, projects, and leads can now be displayed in a kanban (aka pipeline) view. With kanban, you get a bird's eye view of your records and can drag them from one stage to another.
  • Dashboards - Create dashboards for all your important metrics and display them on the home screen.
  • New custom fields - We've added date/time, auto number, lookup relationship, number, percent, and multi-select dropdown fields.
  • Improved Search - Everything can now be searched from the global search box, and it's also been given a performance boost to help you find things faster.

And here are a few other updates that have been made to our list view and record view.

List views

The list view grid

Our new list view gives you more control over your CRM information with powerful customization and sorting options.


  1. Lists and Filters (moved and updated) - Access your standard list views and custom list views with filters from the list view selector in the upper left. See the next section for changes on custom filters.
  2. Custom List Views - Create your own list views and choose which fields you want to be displayed and the order they're displayed in. Make private lists or lists to share with your team.
  3. Custom Filters (moved) - Once you've created a list, set up custom filters to see only the records that match your criteria.
  4. Import/export sidebar (moved) - Display or hide the sidebar to import, export, access the recycle bin, and view your tags index.
  5. Sorting - Sort your records by any field. Just click the column header to sort.
  6. Easier record tracking - Click the star icon in list view or record view to follow or unfollow a record.

Custom filter changes

Custom filters from Insightly Classic will not transfer over when you switch. After switching to the new version of Insightly, any new filters your users create will not be compatible with the Insightly Classic. This is because the new filters are not the same and include many new options.

The new filters are similar to report filters. They give you much more control over filter parameters and the data you want to focus on.

Record view

The new record view opens in a slide-out panel, so you can still see and access your list while viewing your record details. Individual record information has been reorganized.


  1. Permissions lock (moved) - To set viewing permissions for an individual record, click the lock icon. Viewing permissions used to be at the bottom of the record.
  2. Summary bar - The summary bar at the top of each record highlights the most useful information.
  3. Pipeline/stage display (moved and updated) - Pipelines and stages are now displayed at the top of records. Change to a stage by clicking on it for faster, easier pipeline management.
  4. Related subtab (moved subtabs) - Your links, files, and notes are now located in one of the consolidated subtabs. Click Related to view these items in their own sections.
  5. Activity subtab (moved subtabs) - Tasks, emails, and events related to a record are now sections under the Activity subtab.

Collapsible field groups

Custom fields and sections in subtabs are grouped in expandable sections.


Tags are now located below the record details.


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