What are Custom Apps?

Sharing your CRM with every person in the company can get crowded. Administrators can use Custom Apps to create an Insightly experience that is tailored to fit each team.


Completely separate from your CRM, you can make your own fully customized app to store your data. Custom Apps look and act just like Insightly CRM, but are branded to your preferences.  


Customizing Apps

There are many options for personalization. With custom apps, you can:

  • Choose the icon, the color of the navigation bar, and the name of the app
  • Add standard and custom objects
  • Use permissions to control which users have access to your app

Administrators can create multiple apps so each team can have their own space to track the information they need.

You can find all of the custom apps you have access to by clicking the square icon in the upper right of your screen. You'll need to log into Insightly CRM to access your apps.


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