What are Activity Sets?

If you find that you're entering the same tasks or events week after week or day after day, you might want to build an Activity Set to generate a collection of tasks and events in one step.

This will save you the time of repeatedly creating those items one by one.

This article provides an overview of how Activity Sets work. We also have help articles on setting them up and applying them, as well as a workflow video on using Activity Sets and Pipelines.


An Activity Set is a set of instructions to create tasks or events.

Those tasks and events will be linked to the record they're applied to, but aren't connected to each other or grouped in any way.

It also...

  • Needs to be set up by your Insightly administrator.
  • Can include calculated task due dates and event dates.
  • Can be used to create activities directly for leads, contacts, organizations, opportunities and projects.
  • Can be embedded in a Pipeline stage for opportunities or projects.

Before Activity Sets

Let's use an example of a sales team contacting new leads.

Every time a lead is assigned, a salesperson must call the lead, send an email follow-up a few days later, and then stop by for a visit a few days after that. (This is a quite efficient sales group.)

Without an Activity Set, the salesperson or sales manager enters the same three tasks into Insightly for every lead.

Each task is entered separately, which can mean lots of repeated data entry. This also leaves room for error when entering task names, due dates, and other details.


After Activity Sets

With an Activity Set, things get easier. The salesperson or sales manager now applies the set after the lead is created.

This Activity Set contains instructions to create the two tasks and one event in one step.


This is done by selecting the Add Activity Set option from the Actions menu. With one selection, the three items are added to the lead with minimal data entry.

And they already include the main details and calculated due dates.


Activity Sets within a Pipeline

When combined with a Pipeline stage, things get even more automated.

Let's say the sales team has a process where the lead is reviewed by an intern before being contacted by a sales person.

When the intern completes their work and changes the Pipeline stage to Stage 2, the Activity Set is automatically triggered.

The appropriate sales person will then receive their task assignments prompting them to contact the lead.

While most Activity Sets will include multiple tasks or events, there may be situations where they only have one task or event, especially when they'll be connected to a Pipeline.

They can be as simple or as complex as your business needs them to be.

That's our high-level overview of how Activity Sets function.

Please see these articles for detailed information on configuring and applying Activity Sets in your daily work:

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