How to log phone calls or meeting notes

When you need to log a phone call or enter notes about a call or a meeting, you can add them in notes or tasks. You can then create reports in Insightly to track these activities.

Entering a call or meeting as a note

  1. When viewing a record, click the Related subtab and then click Add Note.


  2. Enter the note title and text. You can change the note's date to reflect the date of the call or meeting.
  3. Click Save.
  4. The new note will appear in the Notes section of the Related subtab.


Logging a call or meeting as a completed task

  1. When viewing a record, select the Activity subtab, click Add Activity, and select Add New Task.


  2. Enter the relevant information and select the Completed status. Keep in mind that your administrator can create custom categories, like "Conference call" or "Lunch meeting."


  3. Click Save. The new task will appear in the Past Activity section of the Activities subtab.
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