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Advanced reporting for emails can be useful for users would like to review email statistics.

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Email Reports

Email Performance Report

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Email Reports

Email Performance Report

The Email Performance Report can be used to review the statistics of emails sent within Insightly Marketing. By default, this report will filter by the Date Sent field of email records and will display information from the past 90 days as well as using a second filter to capture emails that have had more than zero emails actually sent. These filters can be edited and additional filters can be added as well by clicking Add a Filter Row or by dragging and dropping a field from the Report Fields list on the left of the report. By default, this report displays the following information: 

  • Email Name
  • Date Sent
  • Emails Sent
  • Emails Delivered
  • Percentage Delivered
  • Hard Bounces
  • Soft Bounces
  • Total Opens
  • Unique Clicks
  • Total Clicks
  • Total Opt Outs
  • Open Percentage
  • Total Click-through Rate
  • Unique Click-through Rate
  • Click to Open Ratio
  • Opt Out Rate

Insightly identifies when opens and/or clicks are suspected as originating from a bot; these opens and/or clicks are filtered out and will not be displayed in the results of the Email Performance Report. 

Use Cases

  1. Scenario/Issue


    I want to see the total opens and total unique clicks for all emails I have created

    Remove the default filter for the 90 day look back and add the following filter:

    Filter By: Owner

    Operator: Equal To

    Value: Your name

    The report will display all emails created by you - the Total Opens and Unique Clicks columns can be reviewed for the necessary data.

    I want to review all emails sent within the last 120 days with an open rate greater than or equal to 90% so I can review what subject lines led to the email being opened for reference when creating new emails 

    Edit the default filter for the 90 day look back to the following:

    Date Range to Filter: 120 days

    Add the following filter:

    Filter By: Open Percentage

    Operator: Greater or Equal

    Value: 90

    The report will display emails created in the last 120 days that have an open percentage of 90% or greater

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