Exporting data to an XML file

Insightly includes an option to generate an XML file with an archive of records from Insightly. The XML standard is typically used by our more technical customers to back up all the valuable links and relationships between entities within Insightly. You can extract even more information through our API.

XML files cannot be imported into Insightly. You can convert them to CSV files with conversion tools or many spreadsheet programs, but only some of the data can be imported into Insightly. If you would like to export records to a CSV file for importing back into Insightly, please see our article Exporting data from Insightly to a CSV file.

The link for the XML data export is accessible by any Insightly administrator from the System Settings > Data Export page. When you click the link to export your data, Insightly will send you an email with a file attachment.

Only the data from your main Insightly records is exported fully. You can export the first 100 characters of each email, including header information, while files and events are not included at all.


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