Insightly's standard dashboards

If you don't know where to start with dashboards, look no further than our Standard Dashboards. Every account, regardless of payment plan, has access to these Insightly-built dashboards.


You can't edit or delete the Standard Dashboard Cards, but by subscribing to Insightly's advanced plans, you can build your own dashboards and clone the Standard Dashboard Cards.


There are three Standard Dashboards for opportunities, projects, and leads. The information on each card depends on your Insightly data, so some may be empty if you don't use certain fields or objects.

The charts aren't restricted by dates, and if the card uses a pipeline, Insightly will choose the first pipeline it finds, in alphabetical order.


The Opportunities Dashboard is the largest, containing 10 cards. 

Here's a quick rundown with images of each chart and its settings: 

  1. Total Sales
    Set a goal and watch your progress towards it.
  2. Total Value by Opportunity State
    Understand the total value of each state of your opportunities.
  3. Lost Opportunities by Reason
    Use this graph to understand why you lost opportunities and discover trends.
  4. Sales Pipeline Funnel
    See the value of each stage as your sales pipeline progresses.
  5. Number of Opps by State
    Examine your overall progress by viewing the number of opportunities in each state.
  6. Opportunity State by Value
    Understand the value of the opportunities you are winning and losing.
  7. Top Sales Reps
    Recognize your most successful representatives. Know the number of and size of sales they bring in.
  8. Win Rate
    Compare the win rates of your representatives.
  9. Sales Pipeline Weighted
    Use this graph to understand how the value of an opportunity transitions by stage.
  10. Total Sales by Rep
    Review the success of each individual sales representative on your team.


The Projects Dashboard has four cards.

  1. Project Pipeline Funnel
    Check how many projects are in each stage towards completion.
  2. Projects by Status
    See how many projects are in each status.
  3. Projects by Rep and Status
    Review your reps' progress on their projects.
  4. Projects Completed by Month
    Observe how many projects were completed on a monthly basis.


The Leads Dashboard also has four cards to view.

  1. Leads by Status
    Get an overview of the status of all your leads.
  2. Leads by Source
    Discover where your team is most successful at gaining leads.
  3. Leads by Month
    Examine where the status of your leads fell each month.
  4. Top Reps by Lead
    Review how well your reps managed their leads.
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