What are Dashboards?

This article is part of the Guide to Insightly Dashboards

A dashboard displays a quick overview of your most critical information. Dashboards allow you to present your data, gain a new perspective on your business, and share information with your team. 


Every account includes a set of standard Dashboards. With higher subscription plans, you can create and edit your own for leads, opportunities, projects, and custom objects.

Dashboards are organized into cards that allow you to visualize your data through graphs and charts. You can adjust the size of the cards and arrange them however you like.

You can view and edit them on your Insightly homepage or from the Dashboards tab.


What can I do with Dashboards?

Dashboards share some similarities with reports, such as the types of information they might contain, but they each present data differently.

While reports can also contain charts, they include the underlying data in a table. Dashboards give you a quick graphical view of the data right upfront.

For example, say you are a Sales Manager. You can use Dashboards to see the rankings of your salespeople...

...and their progress towards their sales goals.


Dashboards are incredibly flexible and these examples only scratch the surface. Once you start to experiment with the feature, you'll discover how powerful this tool really is. Ready to start creating Dashboards?


Check out our webinar recording on making better decisions by visualizing your data with Dashboards.  

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