What is the User Login Report?

The User Login Report displays all attempts that were made to login, reset a password, or request to change a password across the Insightly web, mobile, and email apps.

Admins can use this report to review who logged in, at what time, and from where, with identifying data to help monitor login history and provide additional security.

To view the report, go to Reports > Other Reports and select User Login Report.

  • This report can also be accessed by navigating to System Settings > Users > User List and selecting a user; once a user has been selected, View User Login History Report in the Additional Information section of the user record can be clicked. This will open the User Login Report in a new tab and will display the login history for the selected user. 

Anytime someone tries to reset their password or login to your Insightly instance, Insightly will log the following fields:

  • User Email Address

  • Action Type

  • Action Date

  • Action Success (True if they successfully login, False if they enter an incorrect password)

  • Application (Web, Gmail Add-on, Outlook App, Mobile - Android, Mobile - iOS, API - v3.0, API - v3.1) Only the first API login will be recorded per day. Using API key will update a login event if it's been at least 720 minutes. 

  • IP Address

  • User Agent (A browser's user agent string helps identify which browser or application is being used, what version, and on which operating system)

You can modify the report template that's provided to create your own versions of the report. By default, the report is sorted by the Action Date, with the newest entry at the top. Click the Action Date’s three dot menu and select Format Column Data to change the date and time formats.

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