How to edit an existing report

This article is part of the Insightly Reporting Guide.

It's a good idea to create a new copy of an existing report before editing it, keeping the original as a backup.

To change a report's name, location, or parameters—like filters and summaries:

  1. Click the folder name that contains the report you'd like to change and then click the report name.
  2. Open the Report Editor by clicking the pencil/Edit icon.
  3. To edit the report, make your changes to the fields, filters, and summaries that you'd like to modify, just as you would when creating a new report.
    If you have an active alert for the report, you won't be able to edit a related summary row unless you deactivate the alert. This is because the alert uses summary calculations as its trigger.

  4. To make changes to a report's chart, click the Edit or Delete icons above the chart.
  5. To change the name of a report or the folder where it is saved, click the Report Properties button to edit those properties.
  6. Click the Save button or—if you'd like to create a new copy—click the down arrow next to the button and select Save As.
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