How to disable API Access for a user

For a developer to integrate or obtain resources from Insightly’s API, they need to be granted access. By default, all users in your Insightly account will have access to the API.

Insightly administrators can turn off API Access for any user, including themselves. Even if the user has the correct API key and object/field permissions, the API operation will not be performed. Any attempts by this user will return an error: "Authorization has been denied for this request."

Disabling API Access for individual users eliminates their ability to use and extract data via the API, protecting sensitive data and resources.

Their API key, which is accessed in User Settings, will display a message that their API Access is disabled.70768f83-a00b-4068-adc2-cbe91358c8bc.png

Any apps or integrations that are currently using this User’s API key may break if the API access is disabled.

How to disable API Access

  1. Go to System Settings > User List. Select a user.

  2. Click Edit User.16b8c327-dd6a-4ee1-951f-4362fc84ba8b.png

  3. Under User Details, uncheck the API Access checkbox.b4023b88-a2ee-4696-b8ed-278724a74e62.png

  4. Click Save User Details.

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