Troubleshooting the Insightly API with Postman

If you have a paid account and are working with Insightly to troubleshoot your API connection, sharing an API request will help us diagnose the issue. Use the Postman app to create, save, and share an API request.

To create an API request:

  1. Download and install Postman.
  2. Open Postman and click Request.
  3. Enter a name for the request, choose or create a collection, and click Save.
  4. Click the Collections tab and select the request.
  5. Go to Authorization tab and select Basic Auth from the TYPE dropdown.
  6. In the Username field, enter your Insightly API Key (you can find it in your Insightly User Settings), and leave the Password field blank.
  7. Enter your request details: Verb (GET, PUT, etc.), URL, and request body if needed.
  8. Click Send to execute your request.
  9. Click Save.
    You can now share the collection to get help with your request.
  10. Go to Collections, click the three dot menu, and select Share Collection.
  11. Go to the Get Link tab and click the Get Link button.
  12. Include this link in your ticket for our review.
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