Linking to items in Evernote

Evernote is a handy application that is used by many of our customers to record notes, photos, and other important information about their clients and projects. With Insightly's Evernote integration, you can find and import your Evernote items directly from your Insightly records. In each record's Notes subtab, you can click the Evernote icon to search and link to your Evernote items.

  • In order to share notes in Evernote, users are required to have an Evernote Business account. If users do not have an Evernote Business account, notes cannot be shared with other Insightly users.

The first time you click the link, you will be prompted to log in to Evernote and authorize the connection from Insightly. Insightly will only use this connection to retrieve information from Evernote when you initiate such an action.


Once you've connected Insightly to Evernote, click the Evernote icon to display:

  • The Notebook list, where you can select from your Evernote notebooks to filter your list.
  • The Search Evernote field, where you can enter words matching a note s title or tag.
  • Your list of Evernote items, with the newest items listed first. Insightly will display ten notes on each page, with navigation buttons at the bottom of the Evernote box to move through the list.

Next to each note title, Insightly displays your Evernote tags. You can click on any tag to quickly filter your list by that tag.

Evernote tags

To copy the notes to Insightly, select the checkboxes next to the notes you would like to link, then click the Add Evernote button below the list.

Add evernote button

The notes will then be copied and linked to Insightly as Evernote records, which will be listed in the Notes subtab. You can click on the note to view the details.

Each time you open the note and view the details, Insightly will check if the item has been changed in Evernote and update it in Insightly. Like with most new records in Insightly, the Evernote item will be viewable to everyone who has access to the current record, so if you would like to restrict the viewing permissions, click the Change view permissions link above the details. You can also click the Actions menu to:

  • Create new opportunities, projects, and tasks which will automatically be linked to the note.
  • Remove the note from Insightly by selecting Delete Evernote from Insightly. This will remove the note from Insightly and leave the original in Evernote unaffected.
  • Select the View Note in Evernote option to open the item in Evernote. You can use this option to edit the note, since Evernote items cannot be edited from Insightly.

Just as with Insightly Notes, you can use the global search bar at the top of the page to search for Evernotes by title and plain text content. Like other new records, new Evernotes will be listed on the Home page as they are added.

Disabling or Enabling the Evernote Integration

To enable or disable the connection to your Evernote account, click Profile icon > User Settings > User Settings and scroll down to Connected Applications Settings for the link to enable or disable the connection. If you disable the integration, Insightly will still retain your stored notes, but you will not be able to add new ones from Evernote.

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