Microsoft integrations available in Insightly

There are several ways you can sync Microsoft features to Insightly. Most of these integrations are available for all users though some are only available on paid Insightly plans. 

Insightly Sidebar for Outlook 

With the Insightly Sidebar for Outlook, you can view customer information and save emails to Insightly right from your Outlook inbox. You can install the Sidebar from the Microsoft Office Store. This feature is available with all Insightly plans.

Microsoft Exchange Calendar Sync   

Once you've established this two-way sync, Insightly will display your Exchange calendar items on your Insightly calendar and copy Insightly items from the last two months and into the future to your Exchange calendar. You can also choose to sync Insightly milestones and tasks. When you enable either of these options, Insightly will add two new calendars to your external calendar called Insightly-Tasks and Insightly-Milestones. This feature is only available on paid Insightly plans.

Insightly Calendar Feed 

If you're on a free Insightly plan, you can display your Insightly calendar in your Outlook Calendar via a link. The link can be found at the bottom of your Insightly calendar page, and you can add it in Outlook Calendar under ....Other calendars > Add by URL.

Save Files with Microsoft OneDrive 

Microsoft OneDrive files can be linked to your Insightly records. Click the OneDrive cloud icon on the Files subtab of a record when you want to log in to OneDrive and create links to those files. Doing so can help free up storage space.

Connect Email for Outgoing Messages 

To send email via Insightly, you can connect your email account via User Settings. This process works with those using Outlook to manage their email.

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