How to view records in the Sidebar for Outlook

You can view Insightly records right from your Outlook inbox with the Insightly Sidebar. You can also use the Sidebar to save an email to Insightly or compose a message.

Records can't be edited or marked complete directly in the Sidebar.

To open the Sidebar and view records:

  1. Open a message in your inbox.
  2. Click the Insightly icon and select Open Sidebar.

Navigating through records

Right away, the Sidebar will display recipient and sender information if there are matching email addresses in Insightly.

You'll see an Add to Insightly? section if someone is not in Insightly. Click the + if you'd like to add the person to Insightly as a contact or lead.

You can also search through all your Insightly records by clicking Search. Standard and Custom Objects are searchable in the Microsoft Outlook sidebar.

To jump to Insightly and create new records, click New.

To dive into a record, click the caret (>) to the right of the item.

When viewing the full record, you can see the details and view or add links. You can also view connected records on the Related tab.

To edit or view the full record in Insightly, click the new window icon to open Insightly in a new tab.

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