Single Sign-On for Microsoft Azure Active Directory

With the Insightly Single Sign-On (SSO) application, your Azure Active Directory users can access Insightly with one click through Azure AD.

This makes it more convenient to sign in, and they can still access Insightly by signing in directly, too. Keep this in mind when removing a user, as you will still need to delete them from both systems.

To set up the Insightly SSO application for Azure AD:

  1. Log in to your Azure portal.
  2. Select Azure Active Directory.
  3. Click Enterprise applications.
  4. Under the Manage menu, click All applications.
  5. Click New application.
  6. Under Categories, click All.
  7. Search for and select Insightly.
  8. Click Sign up for Insightly to log in to Insightly and grant permissions.
  9. Close the panels until you've returned to the All applications list.
  10. Search for and click Insightly.
  11. Select Users and groups to assign users to the Insightly app.
  12. Click Add user.
  13. Select Users.
  14. Check the boxes next to the users who will be using Insightly.
    Each user's login email address for Insightly must match their login email address in the Microsoft product.
  15. Click Select.
  16. Click Assign.

The assigned users can now access Insightly from their Azure AD access panel or Office 365 portal. Clicking the Insightly icon will log them in to Insightly without entering their Insightly username and password.

Azure AD access panel:
Office 365 portal:


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