What are the User Generated Activity and User Activity Reports?

Two Insightly reports focus on the tasks, events, and emails — or "activities" — related to your Insightly users. Both of these reports are available in the Other folder on the Reports page.

Their names are pretty similar, but they do very different things.

• The User Generated Activity Report is based on users and owner or assignment fields.
• The User Activity Report is based on user contacts and their links.

To understand each report, you'll need to understand the difference between "Users" and "User Contacts."

User Generated Activity Report

Let's start with Users. Every time you add someone from your staff to Insightly through the System Settings > Users page, a user is created in the Insightly database. All users are visible on that page.

When you assign records like tasks and opportunities to someone, or when that person creates a record, that user is connected to the records through built-in fields like Owner, User Responsible, or Assigned To.


The User Generated Activity Report lets you create reports based on these fields. Some examples:

  • How many emails did each user send last month?
  • List the events created by each event planner.
  • How many tasks does Tony still have to complete? Wait, how many?!

User Activity Report

When a user is added, Insightly also creates a contact record for that person. This is a User Contact. They are very similar to your other contacts, except these contacts don't appear in your global search results and have limited actions available.

These contacts can be linked to activities (emails, tasks, and events), just like any other contacts.

The User Activity Report lets you create reports based on the links to these user contacts. Some examples:

  • List the emails that are linked to Adam. (Related correspondence.)
  • Show the users linked to each event. (Participants or attendees.)
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