What is a Quote sync

A Quote sync gives you the ability to synchronize updates between an Opportunity to a linked Quote. An Opportunity can have multiple Quotes, but it can only sync with one Quote record.

How does it work?

When an Opportunity has been synced with a Quote record, adding Products to a Quote or Opportunity will update the other record’s value.

Insightly will automatically update the Quote record’s Quote Totals as soon as the Opportunity record’s Opportunity Value is updated an vice-versa.

Upon syncing a Quote with an Opportunity, the Opportunity’s value and Products will be replaced. The Opportunity’s Value field will no longer be editable manually. Instead, the Opportunity value will be updated automatically based on the Quote it is synced with. You can’t edit the opportunity’s value field, even if you stop syncing. 

If you replace the synced Quote with another Quote, the existing Opportunity Products are replaced by the newly synced Quote records.

Users can review which Opportunity and Quote are synced in the following places:

  • The Synced Quote field on the Opportunity’s Details tab

  • The Opportunity name and Syncing checkbox in the Quote's Details tab

If you stop the sync between a Quote and an Opportunity, the link is broken and the records are no longer automatically updated with each other’s changes

You can sync Quotes and Opportunities that don’t have any Products. When you add a Product to either record, it’s automatically added to the record that it’s synced to.

Standard and custom fields

Standard and custom fields matching exactly the name and data type will be automatically synced.

If a Quote Product custom field has the same name and data type as an Opportunity Product custom field, the contents of that field will be copied over from the Opportunity Product to the Quote Product when the Quote is synced. The sync of Opportunity Product custom fields to Quote Product custom fields also supports dependent fields.

If there are custom fields that are on the Quote Product’s grid in the Related tab, but have no matching field on the Opportunity Products, they can be set, changed, and edited on the Quote, but it will not copy over to the Opportunity Products without a matching field.

How to sync and un-sync

To sync:

  1. Open a Quote record.

  2. Click the Actions dropdown and select Sync With Opportunity.

  3. A warning will appear:
    Are you sure you wish to sync this quote and remove existing products and price book data from opportunity?
    Click OK.

To un-sync:

Return to the Actions dropdown of the Quote record and select Stop Sync With Opportunity.

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