Duplicate checks when importing

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While you have the option to update existing records with an import, if you choose not to update, or if your records do not include a Record ID to match to, Insightly will skip any duplicate records it detects. (We also have duplicate detection when records are entered manually.)

Insightly performs the following steps to check for duplicate records during an import. Any duplicate records that are skipped will appear in an email that you will receive after the import process is complete.

Contacts, Prospects, and Leads   

  • Insightly checks first and last name. If there is an exact match on both, Insightly continues to compare data.
  • If there is also a matching email address, phone number, or Organization, Insightly views the record as a duplicate and will not import it.


  • Insightly checks the Organization name. If an Organization name from the file already exists in Insightly, the record will not be imported.
  • If your file includes multiple rows with an identical Organization name, Insightly will create the first Organization record and skip the duplicates. When you want multiple locations to be listed as separate Organizations in the CRM, use a distinct name for each record, e.g., Store ABC (Main Street), Store ABC (The Mall), and Store ABC (Downtown).

Opportunities and Projects    

  • Insightly checks Opportunity Name and Project Name. If an Opportunity or Project name from the file already exists in Insightly, the record will not be imported.

Tasks and Notes    

  • Insightly does not check for duplicates when importing tasks and notes. Duplicates will be created if they are imported.

If you find duplicate information in your Insightly account, you can merge or convert records from the Actions menu.

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